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SOJA - Brothers And Sisters

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Data: 09/07/2014


Brothers And Sisters

"Blessed is the man who walketh not in council of the ungodly, nor does he stand in the ways of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful, for his delight is in the law of God"
Jah Rastafari, yeah
Haile I Selassie I

They say we come like water, but
I know we come like fire, yea
InI are the soldier, right now
Speak truth in every way
Say we come like water but InI know
We come like fire. Lord. Soldier
Live it up for no one but Jah!

Water pollution, no solution
Live on this earth and I Mean how long
People gonna remain in a way so strange?
I wanna turn my page but the words never change
Cutting the tree that giving me life
Raise the animals and watch them die
Sky is giving off acid rain
Again and again, yo it's the same

I won't worry, brotha, don't worry, sista
Listen little one, I mean God will protect all of us brothers and sisters

Bullets chase and the soldier run.
America and Hussein Saddam
Gommorah catch a fire, you gonna get burned
Jah got them sitin in the valley of decision
Russia, America, Asia
Setting the stage for the 3rd World War
How far we've come, wonderin' if I come far
If you end my world in chemical war

You know InI walked in the valley of the shadow of death
InI shall fear no evil, for he is with me as well as my broadend staff to comfort me. He leadith me beside still waters, He layith InI down in green pastures and restored InI's soul. So just...

Pass me the fire, babylon burn down
We gon burn the wickedness with more heat. (Pass me the flame)

Pass me the fire, pass me the fire, pass me the heat

Yo yo yo yo, pass me the fire, Babylon, burn down
Pass me the flame so I can fling it all around
These seven countries in the world keep on making all the deals
Little did they know he was loosing the 7 seals
Yo, lookin at your heart, you can see it manifes
I know what make man great is the heart that's in his chest
So choose the path of love cause truth and rights could never
Rest, and don't worry Jah Jah children, cause Selassie I protect

Pass me the fire babylon burn down
We gon burn the wickedness with more heat (pass me the flame)

Pass me the fire babylon burn down
Pass me the flame

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