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Outta Control


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  • Tiago Rocha
  • Membro desde: 02/01/2012
  • João Pessoa, PB
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You think you know but you don't
Wish I could read your mind but I can't, so I won't
I wish that I could say what it is I'd like to say
Instead I've got my tongue twisted up and tied away

I'm trying to do my best
Yes I know that failure is a lesson, I've been guessing
And stressing and trying to make up my decision
And guess that's how life goes

Every time I want poetry she wants prose
I'm too slow, trying to pick it up though
Is it me you're really into?
No it's me you feel sorry for

This is out of control
Why can't I ever I get it though?
Damn, why can't I ever it though?

At least I got my brains, at least I got my wit
Watch me go on over, see the conversation slip
I'm feeling kinda twisted and yes I'm kinda sick
I try to counter, man I wish that I could hit and never miss girl

Yeah you know that things ain't easy
Try to understand and believe me
Yes I want the real thing
Oh girl, I want the real thing baby

This is out of control
Why can't I ever I get it though?
Damn, why can't I ever it though?

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